Beads of Courage

Since our car crash in 2013, Kristen has participated in a program called Beads of Courage. Children and young adults with terminal or chronic medical conditions earn beads for medical appointments and procedures. Kristen receives 1 bead for every clinic visit, emergency room visit, transportation by ambulance, procedure, test, scan, surgery, sedation, blood draw, port access, IV’s started, infusion, dressing change, therapy, days in the hospital and much more. For example: every blue bead symbolizes a clinic or nurse visit, every black bead symbolizes a poke, and every rainbow bead symbolizes a type of therapy; such as: physical therapy, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, speech therapy, art therapy.

When allowed, we carry the entire strand of beads to speaking engagements. It really helps others to see the true magnitude of what Kristen has been through compared to hearing it in words only.

As of July 2020, Kristen’s entire strand of beads is 134 feet long and there are approximately 3,479 beads on it. These beads are a visual symbol of the physical challenges our Brave Warrior has endured because someone made the SELFISH DECISION to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol.

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Updated: 9/13/2020